Memory Loss Symptoms Repair Your Brain


There are many reasons why your memory may feel to be in decline and it doesn’t have to be Alzheimer’s or dementia. Cognitive decline can develop as the result of an underlying disease or it can bes simple as stress and anxiety overload, substance abuse, vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalance and trauma both physical and mental. For the individual sufferer short term memory loss can mean difficulty in remembering recent events, retrieving what should be familiar data and processing simple information. Continue Reading ...

Depression Common Treatments

Clinical or major depression is a serious mental illness that requires medical treatment in order for the majority of individuals to overcome their symptoms. Fortunately, there are many effective treatment options available and research and scientific studies are continuously working to find and develop better forms of treatment.

The most common treatments for depression include antidepressant medications, psychotherapy, or a combination of both and in the majority of cases these treatment methods are very effective. However, in more severe cases of depression or when other treatments have failed or can not be used, “ECT” or electrical convulsive therapy” as well as nerve or magnetic stimulation may be given. Continue Reading ...

What Are Homeopathic Remedies?

Homeopathic Principles.

The basic principle concerning Homeopathy remedies is “Like Cures Like”, which means all the medicines in small doses cures the diseases or symptoms, which they produce when taken in large doses. For example, arsenic produces diarrhoea, vomiting, extreme prostration, burning, unquenchable thirst, anguish. If these very symptoms occur in the patient without taking ARSENIC, they shall be cured by giving him arsenic, but in very minute doses.
The second principle of Homeopathy remedies is “Minimise the dose to increase its curing power”. Dr. Hahnemann mixed the medicine with non medicinal substances such as alcohol, distilled water or sugar of milk. By a special procedure, not only the dose was minimised but it was also dynamized, ie as the molecules of the medicine were divided and subdivided, their curative power was increased.
This can be easily explained in accordance with the atomic theory. Hence the minimised doses, though termed dilutions in the early stages, were named as Potencies later on. The potencies are of two types: X Potency and C.

Homeopathic Potencies

X potency is prepared by mixing well one part of the original medicine with 9 parts of Vehicle, i.e alcohol or distilled water or sugar of milk in cases of solid drugs. Similarly, C Potencies are prepared by mixing one part of original medicine with 99 parts of water.
“Homeopathy doesn’t treat the disease, but the patient, instead”
This pertains to the idea that any certain disease will manifest so many symptoms that you can’t prescribe just one medicine for it. For example, if our lungs are affected we call it Pneumonia, if there is chill or fever we call it Malaria. If there is pain in the heart we call it Angina, and so on.
But it should be clear that even in one disease, for example, in Pneumonia you’ll discover that a few patients become restless and have high fever and get thirsty, but other patients have neither. Some will not be able to lie down on their left sides, while at the same time other folks will feel uncomfortable when lying on the right side.
These different symptoms are what Homeopathy remedies depend on. Therefore to select the right homeopathy remedy, we have to note the location of the disease, the sensation of the patient, the aggravation of the troubles. Continue Reading ...

The Many Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Our feet are rather important. We literally stand or fall on them! But all too often, we are not happy on them. My grandparents always said that if a shop assistant was not polite “her feet hurt, dear”! So how do we keep our feet in good nick? There is a way, naturally and painlessly.
Way back in 1770 a certain Captain Cook landed in what we now know as New South Wales, in Australia. He had been at sea for months, his men were tired, with almost every disease they could have from under-nourishment, bad conditions, sea salt burns and general malaise. And the boats were little better off. They had suffered through storms, general wear and tear and rotten wood. So, when they landed, both ships and men had to be repaired. Though tired and rather unwell, the men set to and began their tasks.
To get HMS Endeavour repaired required wood. That was certainly in plentiful supply. Whilst cutting down the trees, the men came into contact with the leaves on the trees they cleared. Bit by bit they found that cuts and abrasions, burns, bites and their debilitating skin ailments began to clear. The doctor with Captain Cook, Joseph Banks, took note of this and came up with what was, to him, a rather astonishing fact. The locals, Aborigines, used the leaves as their medical treatment. They had been using Tea Tree leaves for hundreds of years! The locals crushed the leaves so that the “juice” ran into their sores, thus healing them. With a poultice of mud surrounding the wound a cure was soon apparent. Captain Cook’s men repaired almost as rapidly as his boat.
On their return home the news of Tea Tree was quickly taken up by the medical world. Research was made into its bactericidal and germicidal properties. It was noted as a “non-poisonous, non-irritating antiseptic of unusual strength”. And that is the case to this day. It is a very powerful natural medicine.
The next significant use of tea tree was for the soldiers in both World Wars. They were treated with tea tree! The men each were given bottles of it during the Second World War because in the First World War they found that soldiers suffering from infected feet, when treated with tea tree oil, were rapidly cured.
I have always recommended that each and every one of us should have a small bottle of tea tree essential oil with a bottle of lavender essential oil. With lavender essential oil, you have, with a few sticking plasters, the natural “first aid kit”.  And here is why.
This pack is THE Essential First Aid for insect bites, stings, burns, cuts and scratches, bruises, sunburn, sore throats, acne, athletes foot and similar infections/fungi, sleeplessness and almost all minor incidents. Carry a pack with you at all times. In all cases use essential oils with care and always keep them safe and out of the hands of young children. Before using in an emergency, ensure that no one is allergic to any essential oil by testing on a small area of the skin. If in any doubt consult a doctor or pharmacist. Continue Reading ...

Dementia Issues

If you have a friend or a loved one that may seem to be deteriorating with their memory, then you may be wondering about dementia.  This can be a very frightening disease if you are not sure what is going on and you do not know how to help your loved one.  However, if you have a little understanding of the basics related to dementia, then you may be able to make an appointment for your loved one to see their doctor in order to get the help that they need.  This article will touch upon some of the most common signs and symptoms that you will want to watch for.
Initially, you may notice that your loved one may begin to show some signs of deterioration in relation to their memory.  They may not be able to remember very simple, common things that they were able to remember before.  You may also notice that this person is not able to recall basic information that they once knew.  This can be very alarming for many people, and it can be tough to watch your loved one struggle in this way.  What you should accept is that it is probably just as difficult for them as it is for you to watch.
Another common sign and symptom related to dementia might be trouble communicating.  Your loved one may have a tough time expressing their thoughts and feelings as they are not able to remember the words that they want to use in order to express themselves.  Consider how hard it would be to have something very important to say but not have any idea how to express that.  This can create a good deal of stress for your loved one, and it may even make it more difficult for you to look after that person because they cannot tell you what they need.
This can be a very distressing illness for anyone suffering from it.  It is easy to see why many of these patients may become depressed and upset.  Actually, if you are assisting a loved one that could be suffering from dementia, then you will most likely begin to notice some severe mood swings related to this person and their feelings.  You need to be aware of the fact that this could happen and you also need to be understanding.  If you are noticing these mood swings on a regular basis or you think that your loved one could be depressed, then you need to discuss this information with your loved one’s doctor as well.
If you believe that you have a loved one that is suffering from dementia you need to pay attention to what behaviors have changed and record this information.  You then need to make an appointment to meet with your loved ones and your primary care physician to discuss treatment options.  This will help you find positive ways to help your friend or family member.

Arthritis Diagnosis And Treatment

Arthritis is painful inflammation of a joint within the body that can also be characterized by stiffness, constant joint ache and can result in afflictions of other bodily organs. Currently, there are over 100 different types of arthritis and studies are continuously determining and discovering new forms of this painful condition. Due to a widespread number of causes and it commonality, arthritis is the currently the most common chronic condition in North America, affecting more than 46 million individuals in the US, and over 350 million worldwide. Arthritis also affects over a quarter million children in the United States alone, and the majority of the adult populous, over 60%, that are affected by arthritis are women. It is classified as a rheumatic illness, meaning it is a number of conditions, similar in appearance (as per how it affects the host). However that is where the similarities would end. It is comprised of differing diseases with different prognoses, complications, treatments, and characteristics, and while most types of arthritis are more of an annoyance than much else, for many, it is a cause of daily pain, suffering, and possibly crippling disability.
However, early diagnosis of arthritis can be a large contributor to the overall prevention of further progression and irreversible damage of the disease. Once diagnosed accurately, an individual must be willing work closely with their doctor to develop a proper preventative regime including such lifestyle changes as proper exercise programs, supplements, plenty of rest, and medications (if required). Depending on the condition and stage of the illness, doctor’s may also recommend physical therapy, or possibly even surgery to assist in elevating the pain, and to aim for the best possible future, and long-term outcome for the illness.

Constant contact with your doctor is highly recommended as it will assist them in monitoring your condition and suggesting the best possible alternative treatments for the individual. Doctors may also suggest orthopedic bracing, or even arthroplasty (joint replacement). Some medicinal therapies, such as Synotrex, a homeopathic supplement, offer alternatives to conventional medicine by providing herbal remedies and relief via vitamins and minerals touted to counteract or even repair the damage and causes of arthritis. Continue Reading ...

The Good News And Bad About Herbal Supplements

I watched yet another news blurb today about herbal remedies. I view them with mixed emotions, a lot of the time they are either totally inaccurate or taken out of context. This one was well done and says exactly what I have been saying. Some herbs require specialist knowledge to be safe, many herbs can interact with prescription medications and you, should always discuss any supplements you might want to take with your doctor.

St. John’s Wort: This is a very useful herb, but not one to be taken without some consideration. Severe depression and those with bipolar should not use it, but rely on whatever your doctor prescribes. The other problem is that it can interact with a lot of other medications. While today’s news report just mentioned heart medications quite rightly there are other significant interactions. Sedatives, antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs and anything that can cause drowsiness will interact. Continue Reading ...

Helpful Ideas For Individuals That Suffer From Allergies

allergiesA lot of people handle allergies, particularly those that strike during a specific season of the season. Learn to go on along with your everyday routine without located in a drowsy fog from allergy medicine. Read on for recommendations on fighting your allergies.

It really is tempting to open windows to save on cooling costs if the sun is shining. This, however, might cause a flare-up of allergies. Use a Hepa filtration system in your AC this will assist to remove indoor allergens. You could miss the sense of outside air, but your breathing will probably be a lot better. Continue Reading ...

Looking For Suggestions About Acupuncture?

acupunctureIn case you have pains within your body, you’re probably looking for help. Thousands of people depend on acupuncture. Keep reading to understand more about how acupuncture will help you.

Do not avoid acupuncture because of needles. Acupuncture involves needles, where there isn’t a, means around it. This could be anxiety you have to get over when you get acupuncture. Get comfortable with the concept, or you might become a little more stressed about this than you have to be. Continue Reading ...

Simple Steps On How To Fight Arthritis


Help givingArthritis can reference over 500 different conditions, which affect a similar quantity of joints. Probably the most well-known conditions are rheumatoid arthritis, a severe and debilitating arthritic condition. Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms are usually age-related, and it can significantly slow you down. If you are looking at finding useful information regarding this problem, continue reading for valuable tips and insight. Continue Reading ...